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Sivonnia DeBarros

Protector of Athletes

Sivonnia DeBarros is a NIL Legal Expert, Accomplished Attorney and Speaker. Sivonnia has been featured in the press like LA Vogue magazine, CBS-Chicago and ABC 7 News. She's also been featured on many podcasts, like Authors Who Lead, The Dreamers, A Frugal Athlete, Tackle What's Next, & more. As the legal representative of professional athletes and high-earning business owners, Sivonnia wants to help change the narrative around athletes and bad business dealings.


One way that she does this is through her Signature Program "Have Your S.A.E."  where she dives into three ways to help your student athletes take charge of their NIL opportunities by helping them to develop the right mindset, helping the student athletes to build accountability, and helping them to achieve through education. 

Ways to bring this to your campus.

  • Workshop

    Generally, we find that when we workshop these concepts, it's easier for the student to ask questions, immediately gain clarity, & begin implementation on the spot.

  • Signature Speech

    Our signature speech introduces our signature framework as a big idea, allowing the student athletes to begin thinking differently about their future.

  • Small Group Q&A

    We can deliver the program in a targeted small group Q&A format allowing individuals to receive a greater understanding of the message and how it fits into their lives.


My Recent Publications

Check out my best-selling publications

Athletes Making Moves

Athletes Making Moves is a new release and Amazon's best seller in Sports, Sports & Entertainment, Intellectual Property Law, and Practical Guides in Law.


This book is the first of its kind to introduce Name, Image & Likeness in a way that's easy to digest, understand and implement. Athletes Making Moves takes the student athlete on a journey around implementing three essential things in life to move forward with NIL and walks through the collegiate phase all the way to post-college and the business world.


This book does not leave anything on the table. It explains and illustrates how athletes acquire, use, transfer, and protect their right to name, image, and likeness.

What Are You Sporting About?

What Are You Sporting? is an Amazon Best-selling book in three categories that helps the athlete to get back to basics. What Are You Sporting About? dares the athlete to begin dreaming again and recognize what happened to it? Where did it get lost?


This book also takes the athlete down a serious road of self-reflection of victimization, their circle of influence, their business acumen, and ways to begin healing for a better future.


Essentially, this book drives home the importance of PURPOSe and why it's necessary for every athlete to understand theirs whether they're in sport or not.

Speaking Testimonial

It's always great to have Sivonnia speak at our events. She is so passionate about sports and athletes' rights. She brings great legal knowledge but also a relevant perspective as a former athlete. And we like that she is a fervent advocate for inclusion, diversity and equity. We would recommend Sivonnia to anybody who is looking for a dynamic, charismatic and articulate speaker.

Myriam Glez, Former Olympic Swimmer

The Protector of Atletes in Action

WGN-9 Interview

Check out this interview the Protector of Athletes did with WGN-9 on NIL and how it will impact student athletes.

The Other Side of NIL

This panel discusses the mental health issues that may stem from Name, Image, & Likeness.







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